Portfolio website crit

Hi Steve,

I like the layout of the website, it looks professional and clean looking. One thing I would have to criticize would be you have great artwork but you need to add more and a possible home page or a biograph about yourself to make it feel more personal. Hope this helps! :)
Agree with the above, nice clean and simple design but maybe a bit too basic for my liking. Just a small dash of colour here and there might help ;-)
I actually think that you should stick to the clean, simple design. Writing articles on a blog page might be a good idea :)
Very nice website, sleek and professional looking. The layout is very nice and easy to navigate around the website. One problem I do have with it, I'm on a fast internet speed and it took quite a while to load your website. I tried multiple times to see if it was just internet stress but it continued to take about 25 seconds to load everything. Again this could be my internet speed but apart from that great website. Hope this helps! :)