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Bill Tribble

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Hi, I'm new here!

I'm updating my portfolio before I go submit it to a bunch of London based jobs and recruitment agencies (more about that here). I'm trying out longer pages for some of the new categories (e.g. CR2 Compilations | Intuition Studio ) and also adding in 'process' work for some of the jobs, as I remember some recruiter saying that's what he likes to see in a portfolio.

Any thoughts on the work, portfolio, site etc. more than welcome. There's a CV PDF on there - last thing on my list, needs a major update! Link below in my signature, and thanks in advance!

Also if you have any experience with creative recruitment agences I'd be forever grateful for advice or recommendations / warnings!

Hey Bill, I really like the Summerland work. It's presented really well too, where as the rest of the work is slightly lacking in presentation. It's not immediately obvious what the designs are. I'm guessing album artwork? If so, it's worth presenting them in such a way (here's how I opted to present a single album artwork design – http://www.paulmurraydesign.com/project/waveform-album-cover). The little bit of context and environment really helps to bring the design to life.

Don't just stick to the classic vinyl record sleeve either. Show that you're current and thinking cross-platform by mocking up the artwork onto an iPod screen, a phone display, and a Last.fm/Spotify page to show how the artwork will look when it's just a thumbnail and applied to different situations.
Thanks for your thoughts Paul, I'll definitely add some iPhone / Spotify type mockups. I took a few photos for the Nile Rodgers project (as I had an actual record to show) - most of the releases CR2 do are solely digital.
Hi all - this thread is so old now but I've just seen a bunch of hits come from it so I thought I'd write a quick update. I've since shifted into UX and I'm currently working for Spindrift group, so the portfolio has shifted to reflect this!

Site is now Bill Tribble | UX Designer

Keep on trucking y'all!