Portfolio Feedback Request


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Hi all,

Please could you review my portfolio and feedback with any tweaks/amends that you recommend for me to make.

This has been a very long time in the making, maybe there's some areas that are over-produced and I'm a bit concerned that the file size of some of the images in my portfolio could be too large. And yes I'm using Adobe MyPortfolio but I've tried to modify it to make it less generic.

Let me know your thoughts!

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Hey - welcome aboard.

We are updating the forum rules - https://www.graphicdesignforums.co.uk/pages/ForumRules/

I put your portfolio link in your signature.
Can you please post specific pieces you want to be critiqued as critiquing a whole portfolio can be time-consuming.

The link is still there - if anyone wants to critique the whole thing.
Hi Hank,

Apologies wasn't aware of the updated rules!

The pieces I would like critiquing are:

Under 'Visual'
BMW 330e Marketing Campaign, at the moment it all feels a bit bitty and messy - looking for advice on how I can make that feel complete and seamless.
Editorial Work for Magazines - is it ok to just put pages from a magazine down or would you recommend for me to use mock-ups, though my concern is that my portfolio has filled its quota of mockups!

Under 'UI/UX'
Website Design for Engineering Sector - due to NDA's I can't give away the company name and I've replaced sensitive information with 'Lorem Ipsum', but I have the feeling this makes it look incomplete and a bit amateurish, any advice on how I can fix that would be appreicated.

Thanks everyone.
Hank was asking for you to post some of the imagery directly onto the forum (via attachment), it makes it easier for us to critique/review than having to go back and forwards between your site and the forum 'reply box'.