Portfolio feedback please


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Hey guys,

I graduated last year and I've freelanced since, aswell as working full time
at a hospital to pay the bills,
I am very eager to settle in a design studio however I am struggling to get more design work,
so I think it must be something to do with my folio,

I would love to get opinions on my online portfolio,

I don't mind compliments, but I much prefer constructive critism

Mitz Mistry Work

kind regards

Hey Mitz.
I see you're using Cargo as your website platform, I too was using it not long ago. One thing i didn't like about was it seemed stale with not much fresh community action going on. I switched to Behance Network :: Gallery and if i were you I'd make a profile on there even if you don't want to move your whole site (though you can, simular setup to cargo) they have a work section where people offer and look for jobs. also on your current site there's no 'about' or contact info, i know this isn't critique of your work, but it's also stuff that makes it harder to be contacted/have people understand you and your work.

Just my quick two cents,
Thank you for your responses,
I'm just in the process of setting up a Behance folio to try and increase my chances to be seen and contacted.

More feedback is very welcome

All you guys using platforms for your sites...

Do you have any SEO work done on your sites? Do you use Google Analytics? You can track your visitors see where they go on your site see where they click off and where it's all going wrong. You might not even be getting any visitors?

Hypothetical situation:

Mitz, I've been on your site and really like your work. I want to contact you about some work?

Have a look at this site for some inspirtaion

18 Most Popular Themeforest Wordpress Themes of May 2011 | TutorialChip

If you had a look at one of those white portfolio sites or yours, whose would you more likely want to do business with?

Sorry if this sounds harsh but you wanted the truth so I've tried to give it as nicely as I can.