Portfolio Design - Some ideas maybe?

Hi Folks
I'm sure you know me by know... as Boss thinks i'm "Sound." (cheers btw for that :) )
So, for my year 10 graphics work and in general in terms of work for me....
I would like to get a professional, smooth looking portfolio set up.


- Luckily... I have a friend, who codes for FGL (Flash Game Site ) He said he'd help me, and he would code it.

So all i need is a design... just looking for inspiration


Very Smooth Following (Love the idea of curves, as maybe a main centerpeice)

Erm Buttons - Logo's etc.etc.

Maybe a floating pop up gallery or (Some fancy animation, like... a plant growing, then each of the leaves is a button.)

Typography - after i saw an image on vector tuts, i kinda fell in love with it... so i'm keen to use it now.

If you have any ideas or inspiration for me to use.... Please post them or email me on [email protected]

Aren't you after more tips on a successful design rather than actual ideas for it here? Most people get paid for their ideas....
Plus, it's a reflection of you, so your idea and vision should be at the centre.
Don't make it too complicated and feature unecessary things. (What is the purpose of the plant idea - is it all to do with your themes and work style, or is it just a gimmick?) Your work should speak for itself in a simple sympathetic environment. My 2 pence.
I'm currently in the same position of creating a portfolio, and it's quite apparent that if you put too much thought into things they can look overly complicated and polluted (bit like my posts).

I've come to realise that it's easy to fall into the trap of making gimmicky things like Artgem talks about. You think it'll impress an employer, but really, you're only doing it for intrinsic benefits. So perhaps, less is actually more in this instance.

I'd say that if your friend is doing the coding, then make sure he doesn't get too flash with the animations, you don't want him showing you up .:icon_biggrin:

It's the painting that the employer will be looking at, not the gallery in which it sits.
Thanks Artgem and NFB - Thats helped me alot

My coder, wont show me up -

So, could i have some animation? But keep it simple and clean and flowing?