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Hello everyone,

I recently put together a portfolio on Behance, and I was hoping for some honest feedback on what I could improve on and techniques I could develop in the future. I'm open to any feedback as long as it's respectful and helpful, thank you!

Here is the portfolio:
false link deleted
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Honest feedback for a dishonest click bait link to yet another copy-cat narcissistic Instagram account?!

Here you go…

Honestly, you’re missing the point of design if you are making it all about you and your latest daily cappuccino trauma. No one cares. Clients definitely don’t care about your recent Pain au chocolat or you at the gym.

Show some work and the problems you solved.

A bit harsh on my part? Perhaps; but 30 second vacuous ‘instructional’ videos are so … sorry, I nodded off there.

If it makes you feel better about you and gets loads of people, you don’t know, to tell you how great you are, knock yourself out, but that approach will never cut it with serious clients. At the other end of the scale, if you sent me that looking for a job, it would hit the no pile faster than you could post about your disappointment.

Showing a solid portfolio of your best work will go a lot further – unless of course, instagram clicks and likes are the goal.
I almost deleted the post due to the fact you tried to hide an instagram link under a behance link.... instead I just deleted the link and I give a warning that if it happens again I will ban you. Actually not even sure you are the instagram poster either.

As harsh as this sounds, I kind of agree with sprout, the instagram page felt more about the woman doing selfies than the design, the page felt very 'stylised' to suit a certain instagram feeling while making it incredibly hard to find the important design related stuff. There might have been good design in there but I wasn't going to spend all day syphoning through all the other 'daily life' and 'clickbait' posts.
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I'm sorry if you had issues with the link, it honestly wasn't suppose to lead you to an Instagram account, but an actual page where my portfolio and work are shown. I'm not here as a poser, but as a person looking for genuine feedback on projects I've done recently. Again, sorry for the confusion, but the link was anything other than what you have stated.
We all make mistakes.

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We much prefer to see the images as posts here - rather than linking away from the forum.

To have what you want to be critiqued in the forum post is much better than a link that may expire in the future.

Feel free to add your pics to the posts instead of linking.

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