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This is my first post on the forum.

I'm a Final year Graphic Communication and Design student.

I was wondering if anyone could please give me any advice or constructive criticism about my online portfolio and perhaps my curriculum vitae which can also be found at Ami Littlefair on Behance

Thank you,
Hey Ami, I had a quick look and I like the CV. Some of the type is hard to read on screen due to the angle so probably wouldn't work as a PDF. But as a printed booklet you can just rotate the book.

On this spread, it looks to me like you have double spaces between some words in the first line. Also, I reword it so you're not using "often" twice in the same sentence.
Thanks Paul! I hadn't though about it as a PDF as I normally just use it in booklet form but it's a very good point plus I will change the second often. I mustn't have notice properly!

Thank you :)
Your portfolio is very nicely set out. Easy to navigate around your art and also your layout looks professional and sleekl. Hope this helps! :)
I have to agree with above comments, this has a really strong visual identity. If I had to be super critical of anything it would be the font. You have these really nice spreads with great use of space, yet the text kinda feels a little tight and bunched together. Maybe some adjustments to the leading/tracking may help a little?

As i said this is being super critical, it really is nice work!
Hi Ami,

The work looks great! Really professional and eye-catching! I really like the clean flat look. The CV project looks good to, I do agree with Paul, some of the text is hard to read because of its oration. But other than that, Good job! Im a 17 Year old Website & Graphic designer from London, take a look at some of my work here - Im in my first year of A Levels, also studying Graphic Design/Communication. I was wondering if you wouldnt mind me asking what university you went to? As I would like to follow a similar path to yours.

Thanks alot!
Thanks for taking the time and leaving your comments Sam.

(Not sure if I am using this thread correctly, I don't know if people will get notified that I have replied!)
Thank you for taking the time to look and give feed back MJ96. The kerning is certainly something I will try to improve in my future work!

Keertan Karadia, thanks for your comments. It's good that you are interested and using forums and a portfolio already. This wasn't something I did until I started University. At sixth form, one of my A Levels was in Art and Design (Fine Art); however, in my Information Technology class, we were asked to design some magazines and it was this that really interested me. Before going to university, I had no knowledge of Graphic Design as I hadn't actually studied so I have learnt everything from my time at university such as typography and the Adobe programmes. I am currently in my third and Final year at the University of Sunderland studying a BA Hons in Graphic Communication and Design. This course has required me to make a lot of booklets and posters and I am currently doing editorial work (magazines). I have only did one module in the first year that was design for screen, website design. In year one and two I also did Motion Graphics; however the rest has been purely print based (these were set units). We have only had the choice to pick one module of our choice but this hasn't bothered me as I have enjoyed the work I have been set. I know the course Design Multimedia and Graphics combine both design for print and screen so that is something to think about.

Hope this helps!
Thanks, Ami.