Portfolio and C.V critique

Hi Everyone,

looking for some constructive criticism on my portfolio and c.v.

Having finished a HND in graphic design in july, i'm currently looking for a junior designer position.

Currently working on a website to showcase my portfolio.

Feedback really appreciated.

Design Portfolio - a set on Flickr


Cheers for posting up your work samples and CV.

I feel you have an interesting and varied portfolio which should certainly give you the chance a landing a junior designer position. The only portfolio piece that I'm not that keen on is the EasyJet logo rebrand as the type looks a bit forced and isn't a progression on the existing logo.

Your CV is okay but lacks a bit of interest (maybe you could make give more emphasis to the Graphics Den logo or create some typographic interest with your name?).

The other criticism with your CV is that the personal profile is quite clichéd and is the type of description that's been used a thousand times before. Try adding a bit of personality to the text on your CV to liven things up - give employers a reason for wanting to call you in for an interview.

Good luck with the job search.
The layout is very nice and shows an understanding of design but as mentioned the blurb is very matter of fact and robotic. Starting every sentence with 'I' is something I've always been told to avoid where possible.

I'd consider adding a picture of yourself on their too, since you're selling yourself and people generally like to see what they're buying.

Consider presenting it to the company in a unique way that helps it stand out, rather than just posting it to them for someone to add to a pile of other CVs.

Your portfolio is good, I loved the Labour calculator poster :)
Thanks for the feedback really appreciated.

sthomas - The easy jet logo definitely has room for improvement, the project was more about creating the brand guidelines. Think i'll look deeper into that and revise the logo redesign them re-apply it to the brand guidelines.

Paul Murray - Thanks for the comment on the Economist ad felt great to get some positive feedback! not sure about the pic on the C.V i've seen a few people advise against this but may add one to my website when it's done.

With the wording on the C.V and Portfolio. I'll look at revising the statement on my c.v as I agree it is a bit of a generic statement. I have changed career, do you think I should say a bit about that, or just say about what kind of design I like?

With the portfolio would it be better to talk in a more informal way, not really to sure how to tackle it really?

Also i'm thinking of removing the explanation text for the printed version of the portfolio, so it gives me more to chat about at an interview.

Would you say the portfolio is lacking anything?
This sort of thing is exactly what I'm busy putting together at the minute.
Can't wait to get started :)