Pop-Up Window. Code Needed. Please Help.

Dirty Raul

New Member

I would be tremendously grateful if a kind soul here could provide me with the code for the pop-up windows exactly like the one deployed on Wikiwand, please, please, please. I do not know where to resort to anymore to obtain this. I am not a web designer.

I intend to use it on one of these Wix or Squarespace type of hosting website.

Please go to any Wikiwand page, or for a sample go here https://www.wikiwand.com/en/Glass. Hover over any blue word and you will see this deadly pop-up windows with beautiful drop shadow come up.

I need it for a private project, not for commercial purpose.

I hope it is not too much to ask and thanks again.

Dirty Raul

New Member
Yes - it seems to be https://www.heteroclito.fr/modules/tooltipster/

And then you just add in whatever settings you want for aesthetics.
Wow fella, it looks like you nailed my search.... thank you so much....

I would just like to ask one more thing, please... then this search would really be over. Would someone be able to provide the exact setting to obtain similar shadow as in the Wikiwands' Tooltipster in the Tooltipster style?