PNG Transparency Support

The Dreaded and DEATH defying IE6 does not support pngs without hacks ;) DIE DIE DIE heheh

Other than that I have been using pngs for many years, all the modern browsers support png, but you already knew that. What's the project for?
I stear well clear of Macs so don't really pay attention to MS efforts for their iemac browser, pretty sure it does support pngs tho, bout the only thing they did right ;)
Cheers Kev.

It's just I want to bring a drop shadow (don't crucify me) on two different backgrounds. I'll work a neat work around, but it's a shame.

Death to the 6. Now where's that virus that uninstalls IE6 and installs IE8?...
hey I like drop shadows (done well), they add depth ;) heheh

There are numerous hacks, this one works quite well
Unit Interactive :: Labs :: Unit PNG Fix

however, depending on which hack you use (if you do want to support ie6) you will find some target all elements on a page which can really slow it down, so you may need to explicitly target certain groups. Also unwanted image requests on server can happen too depending on which hack.

Anyways don't get me started on IE6 ;) heheh
Cheers Kev. The way mine is, the drop shadow over the top part is hardly noticable, so I'm just having no shadow over that bit, having a seperate div with no drop shadow, not noticable at all. If I really wanted to I could make a drop shadow for it, but too much hassle for no real gain.

Should work well, just making sure it works in Safari3, acting a little different to FF3 and IE7.
My normal dev is done with ff, then I look to Opera, Chrome, Safari, IE
I've got my coding pretty much honed there are only the odd one or two things needed for IE7 for sites to look the same across all.
And I stopped looking at IE6 now unless clients are willing to pay for it, of course some eCommerce sites need to still support IE6 (up to a point), so I'm not totally against IE6 and can appreciate corps still using it but then my take on it is everyone should be embracing standards and quite frankly IE6 doesnt fit in with that ;)

Heheh, we don't need another IE6 debate though, so I would say let's not even go there ;) heheh
I've been doing more CSS work lately and thought the site looked amazing before trying it in IE6 on a PC and seeing it implode all over the page. I. Hate. It.
I can't wait until I'm old* :icon_biggrin:

Telling all these little'ens about the dreaded IE6, and how they've got it oh so easy..

* - Honestly, I'm in no rush, but it's gonna be good
lol Fred :)
I think possibly there might be any version of IE which is pants ;) although not installed IE8 or looked at issues with installing it yet, will do that at the weekend, I'm in no rush heheh.

What I will have a major gripe about is if MS have gone down the route of not allowing IE7 to run along side as they did with IE6/7. They cannot afford to piss off developers any more than they have done already, what's worse though is they agree with IE6 from blog posts I have read, although I've not bothered to see if that is 100% true.
Devs should not have to jump through hoops just for IE, look at the minority browsers which are all superior and have less issues.