Please tell us what you think :-)

Overall I like the site, it's nice to look at and I find it easy to navigate.

The text feels very 'full on' though, as if there's just too much of it, or not enough to break it up and add a bit of visual interest. Maybe some different font weights or some headings with the text broken into paragraphs will make it easier to read? Even a splash of colour could help.
It has an original feel to it, which makes it stand out from a lot of other sites. I'm not sure about the text in the "Promo code" button being in italics though. On a technical note, the links to your blog and tutorial sections are broken. Currently they result in bringing up a server error.
Hi all, after being freelance for many years I have just started the company Mad Idol Designs could you please tell me what you think of the website

Thanks Ross

I really like your site, the only bit I REALLY dont like is the bit at the top right - sort of ugly box around facebook twitter stuff.

to me it may be a bit too funky