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Hi there

I will be creating 2 website template, all 2 have the same technology but different topic discussion. I have posted 2 designs, it needs to have the same structure but in terms of the look and feel should be different. Hope I explained well if not please do ask questions if unsure before giving feedback.

Thank you for your time and help


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I'd prefer the blue version. The layout and overall design looks considered and a lot more 'real-world'.

The green version isn't very good and looks like it's been thrown together in 10 mins.
The second design looks too cold I think you need to throw in another colour and not just shades of blue, the first design is good but I don't think the colours go well together.
Have a look at Adobe Kuler it's free and you can match colours together. a lot of users have created swatches of colour which I have found useful in the past.
Last thing on the blue design you have what looks like a radial gradient in the header section, move that behind the logo for more emphasis.
Hope this helps they are good designs just need a little tweak here and there
I too prefer the blue design. It looks a lot more thought out and the attention to detail is a lot better. One thing though, the cream colour on the light blue background doesn't work at all for me. Sort those 2 colours out and it'd look a hundred times better.