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I'm not a graphic designer but I'm working on a project which is requiring me to produce a flyer. The flyer is supposed to feature a map. The map which I gave the graphic designer he said has low dpi therefore would be pixilated when printed. Have searched high and low but can't find anywhere to download a street map of Archway Road, London. As a professional graphic designer can you recommend any sites? Where do you get your maps for flyers?

Would create a map in Photoshop but not enough time and want final product to look polished and professional.

Would really appreciate advice.
Hi there,

I'd suggest you reproduce the map yourself; I'm not aware of any website where you can download maps for commercial use, unless someone else can suggest somewhere.

Road maps are copyrighted so you couldn't just scan one in and use that. Here is a tutorial that I've found that you could try out: Creating Road Maps in Adobe Illustrator. It's quite straight forward but that obviously depends on how good you are in Illustrator.

If all else fails I'd pay that little bit extra and get your graphic designer to reproduce it, that way you'll get the best looking results.

I hope this is of some help to you.