Please help me cheat!


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This is a weird one, but I have some design concepts to present tomorrow, but I have a killer headache and can't think of anything good at all. It's not even a tricky brief, but I've been staring at the screen for three hours, and the best idea I've come up with is to ask some others on a forum for their help.

The brief is for some ad concepts for a company that tests various industrial materials. I don't know much about them, but I believe it involves testing how strong, flexible, durable things are. They have a key phrase they want to use, and the initial design ideas they proposed had images of vices squashing typography, chains being stretched to breaking point etc. I'm not explaining this very well as headaches knocking me for six.

Anyway, I was hoping someone might throw me a bone or two? Any concept thoughts or ideas, or just random images that spring to mind? I can visualise pretty much anything, just so long as I don't have to think too hard now.

Many thanks
This is probably too late now but........

• "Ad concepts" is VERY loose. Think about how this brief is going to be executed.. web? tv? print?
• You can't design anything for a company that you don't understand. What exactly do they do?
• Again, "Industrial Materials" is VERY loose. What industrial materials do they test? Protective clothing? Iron girders? chemicals?....
• Who are they advertising to? Advertising towards a 16 year old looking for an apprenticeship would be very different to advertising the same company to raise brand awareness within an industry.

The above isn't for me to get more information from you, it's for you to get more information from you! Stop gazing at a computer screen, it'll only make your headache worse!! Get out, have a walk, take a note pad and a camera with you. If you see anything cool take a picture. If you think of anything write it or sketch it out. Stop at the shop and get a bottle of wine, it won't help your head but it cant make it any worse can it!