Please help ID this font. Its from the early eighties - Not Futura


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As the title says its from the early 80's and has come from a letterhead. I need the exact font and not a similar one please. Futura is very similar but not it (the gaps in E prongs and the sloped sides of the M are different). Help please
I should say it is pre computer fonts and would have been a commonly used Letteraset one (due to the date it comes from), the Military in the USA used it, if that helps. Also I tried asking one of the online font identifyers but they are throwing up newly created fonts which I know it definately isn't. And I don't really want to spend a lot of time tracing it all out in Illustrator if possible. Thanks
you're a star, all my Dads Letraset catalogues got chucked years ago when he retired. Hold on I'll grab a bit more and post in a minute or two
I can't immediately spot anything... the M, Q & R are the key letters and Antique Olive is not far off... but the O is a circle and Antique Olive is not!

Avant Garde is also not far off... Q wrong.

Sorry I can't be of more help. There were other manufacturers of "letraset' type products back then and this may well be one of them...