Please Critique

Before anyone comments on this, please let me direct you all to this google image search.

So.... what you've done here is pinch an image from google put a logo on it and passed it off as your own.... Bravo sir!

Copyright on the original image "binary code on a surface of a planet" accredited to Yakobchuk Vasyl
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Unless of course it's a stock image acquired legitimately? Either way, though, you've got to wonder why you'd want feedback on someone elses work...
Aww, well actually I didn't look at it that way. Thanks for your comment. I'm new to this. Sorry if I offended any of you. I didn't mean to. I guess a picture from google doesn't deserve any critique, I'll get rid of it.
The bigger issue is the one around half-inching copyrighted material and using it in your work (I'm assuming that's the case here - the fact you say that you acquired it through Google certainly suggests so). On top of the ethical issue of passing off other people's work as your own, you're taking a legal risk (and potentially implicating your client) and you will get tumbled in the end, as this episode demonstrates.
I only picked it up as a client has recently sent me the very same image to use on their website and then hit the roof when I told them I wasn't prepared to use it unless they purchased it legally.

You could perhaps try and work on how the image was originally produced and replicate it with your own twist?..