Please critique my website

the files are as small as they can be. what is bad about the photos? I'd like something a little more helpful than just the fact that they're awful. I know they're bad. I don't need it to be reinforced that they suck. That's why I'm here
Hey bud, I only looked at one page, the home page, where you have an image to the right of the "Split Saddle Bridge". That image looks like it was drawn by a 5 year old :) The main problem is, the actual image is 200px by 180px but on desktop it stretches out to around 3 times the size. It's only 14kb, but could be a lot smaller if you removed the paragraph of text from the image, and replaced it with actual text. The image itself even at the correct size, also belongs in an 1800's hand drawn text book.

Very light page overall, but you're selling beauty. Rather create multiple pages with 1 or 2 beautiful images per page, than 1 page with 10-20 very low quality images. There are many other tricks you can use, like lazyload, CSS, XMLHTTPRequests, so images only load on demand and not onpageload.