Please critique my portfolio so far


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Hi guys,
I've been trying to get into design for a while and have built a new portfolio design, I'm pretty happy with it but I've showed it to a couple of people and they think it doesn't really work

It's not completed and I know there's a repeated image in there, the links don't work yet either really but any feedback would be much appreciated, cheers!

I get where you're going with the idea but its not quite doing it for me. The entire site seems to be one gigantic link after another with no real explanation as to what the user is looking at (even a title tag would be useful). Section 3 is a perfect example of where some direction would be beneficial as, at face value, it looks like a call to action that's not functioning.

In my opinion, the reason super flat, minimalistic site design works is because the developer has been really clever about getting information into the site without the user being aware it's there but when that information is left out it really stands out.

Maybe spend a bit of time researching flat portfolio design and see how other dev's have approached the same style of site.