Please critique my graphic design website

One first impressions it looks a little too corporate and I'm not feeling the gradients or the spiral background/watermark. Also, I'd look at the grammer/copywriting:

Welcome to graphic design services

Doesn't make sense.

Our clients enjoy a one on one relationship

Sounds sexual, should be one to one.
thats typical, as soon as I post a link to my site it starts to misbehave (to make me look stupid!)
Its a Drupal site and never had any probs till now, I've disabled some modules will see if that helps

It could just be my internet, I think my ISP puts a throttle on it during the day. It's annoying since that's when I do most of my interneting :p
I know what you mean, Im in Suffolk, UK (dunno if that makes a dif) and about 3.30 (when the kids get home) my internet noticeably slows down. My band width here is pretty slow at the best of times. The site was running slow tho, I've cleared the cache and run cron its a tad better but something I better keep my eye on.

Role on firebre optic I say
I'm having problems (on a Mac) getting to your portfolio...the menu comes up and disappears as I move towards it!!

Also spotted a typo and grammar errors (Paul, note the spelling of grammar!!) Will take another look later have to go now!!