Pixel fighting! Illustrator/Photoshop - Please help


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Hi guys I'm new on here. Been working on a design for my band. I imported lines from Illustrator and warped them and stuff in photoshop. Although I had turned them into smart objects the quality seems to get degraded during this process. Anyway, I can't go back so this is all I have. I'd love to get them crisp enough to print large on a tshirt. I don't think rendering them in Photoshop would look great. Is there a clever thing I can do in Flash or Illustrator that will recognise the edges of lines and make them all nice and fresh and sharp??

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I'd possibly place it back into Illustrator and then try and Live Trace/Paint it.
You shouldn't have rendered it out ofIllustrator if you want it made bigger, you had the perfect vector format and you've ruined it :p lol. Nevermind :)
Do you have absolutely no way of getting the original Illustrator vector file again? You should be able to do most (if not all) the warping you did in PS inside Illustrator whilst still maintaining a crisp, scaleable image.