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Hi everyone!

Seeing as a few of you will run your own web site we thought this may be of interest to you.

After speaking to a few web site owners, it was apparent that using a 'Callback Request' form was a good way to obtain potential customers. After using it on our own site, it seems to be a proven asset in grabbing a few extra customers. However we had the same problem as our colleague sites, that was, we could not always check our email to check for call back requests, especially when one site aimed to call back within the next 3 hours. They asked us if we could build something for them to resolve this issue. So we decided to build a call back request form, which sent an SMS text message to the phone of the person reliable for calling back potential customers. Of course, we used our SMS developer gateway to connect to the call back request form.

Anyway, we thought we would share this with you, so you can add this function into your own web site

I have attached the source files to this thread, I will also post the source code below, of course the code is set to work with our SMS gateway (SourceSMS), however it can be configured to work with any other SMS provider.

This is what it will look like on your phone:

Here is a demo link:
SourceSMS - Callback

This is the HTML code, which is placed into your page where you want the call back form to be located, name this as contact.html:

This is the PHP file, which sends the SMS message, name this as send.php.


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