Photoshop yes, but why bother with the other Adobe products ?


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I am a Front-End Web Developer using Photoshop CS6.

Can anyone please explain the salient differences between:

Photoshop, Fireworks and Illustrator ??

If I use Photoshop, I can't see the point in these other products, surely I can do it all in Photoshop? Are there features in Fireworks and Illustrator that don't exist in Photoshop?

Many thanks.
I know about photoshop, illustrator but not fireworks.

Do you know about vector and raster graphics? Vector graphics are created by mathematical calculations and co-ordinates in the computer. Raster graphics are made up of pixels (e.g. photos).

Photoshop works to create raster graphics. For screen use, pixel data is fine.

Illustrator is best for creating (a) logos (b) artwork for print because it works in vector format. Vectors can be scaled to any size and retain crispness, great if you were printing something massive. Vectors are much nice to edit and pull apart. Where photoshop is often made of layers, blended elements and less clear boundaries.

I recommend you google "raster v vector"
And download some free vector artwork and mess around with it in illustrator, pull it apart etc and you will see the differences with photoshop.

Hope that helps.
You say it in your first sentence. You're a web designer, so Photoshop would be fine for you as you only have to worry about screen resolution.
Every professional logo will have been created in Illustrator due to (as mynamesnotshirley says) the use of vector graphics.
A simple logo can be created in Illustrator and will only be a few hundred kilobytes in size. This could be used on a 100m square banner without any loss of detail. If you were to blow up a logo created in Photoshop to the same size you'd have problems. Either the file would have to be astronomical in gigabytes or the quality would degrade hugely.

That's just one reason. There are plenty of others. :thumb:
To be honest I read this as "I can make my web graphics in Photoshop but I know you can also do that in Illustrator and Fireworks; am I missing out by not using them?" - I didn't take it as needing to know the difference between raster and vector. (but maybe I read it wrong lol).

Actually it is a question I have often pondered, wtf is the point of Fireworks? Along the lines of the original poster, I do the majority of my web graphics in Photoshop (with a little help from Illy here and there) so wtf is Fireworks all about?
If I recall, Fireworks is/was for creating web graphics quickly (buttons, for example) and applying actions to them for rapidly prototyping web designs. I think it's kind of defunct now, but I could be wrong, I'm sure there's still a few holding on.
If I recall, Fireworks is/was for creating web graphics quickly (buttons, for example) and applying actions to them for rapidly prototyping web designs. I think it's kind of defunct now, but I could be wrong, I'm sure there's still a few holding on.

FW was always easier for developers to use, basically. I still think it fills a niche for non designers who have to turn a design into code, but have to say it's days are numbered unless they could actually find a way of turning a design into clean semantic html and css with the click of a button.
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