Photoshop Help - Please!!

I hope this makes sense, i'm hoping someone can shed some light on what is going wrong.

I have a document in Photoshop which is made up of groups. There are 3 images on this document which are all the same size.

I am replacing one of the images everytime to create a number of different documents. I have resized my images to import so that they are the same size as the original images already on the document

(Hope your still with me :icon_confused:)

Anyway, when I add the new image to the document as a new layer, it is appearing larger than the original image that is being replaced?

Any ideas??

Thank you
is the resolution the same on both files? Or just the physical (image) size?

This will make a difference

Hi Tom,

The resolution is the same in both and also the image size in pixels is the same, thats why its so confusing as I can't see what is wrong???
That is Odd?!

A quick work around would be to set up some guides, place the replacement image and scale it to the guides.

Not a solution sorry, but a work around anyway :icon_smile:

anyone else?
Yeah, resolution would have been my first guess.

Stumped as to what could be cuasing the differing image sizes.
I had a problem with PDF's not opening at the correct size once, opening them as a smart object seemed to sort it. Dunno if that is of any help:icon_dunno:, doubt it :icon_biggrin:
Try duplicating the group (just so you have the old one to line up to if need be), then click on the existing picture, then go to file/place. Choose your file and ensure that it is the desired filetype, ie. whatever you saved it as initially. Just another possible solution.
That's a good one

I can't really think what else could be the problem.

The only thing I could suggest is to send the files for me (or anyone else) to look over. It's a lot easier to diagnose problems with the files…
You know what would help?

The shared desktop – It's why they invented it.

Problems –*bringing people together :icon_biggrin: