Photoshop Experts Required - Quote Please


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Hello to all Photoshop experts,

I am a Freelance Photographer who is returning to the wedding market and I have no idea about the costs involved to engage a Freelance Photogshop expert.

Could you please advise how does your charging scale work, would you charge a fee per picture or say for a full set for a wedding album.

All I do is shoot the pics and leave the rest to you experts.

I would be very grateful for as many quotations as possible, and also some samples of your work and length of your experience, as you know your work depends on my success and future bookings, and more work for you.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards & Best wishes

It would depend as to what exactly you'd require us to do. How many photos, effects and then if the work becomes a regularity, over time we may come to an agreement for a set price.

If you send us a spec to [email protected] we will get a price over to you.
We can also organise to print your work onto materials such as Canvases etc.
Hi Daniel,

We are a multimedia design agency based in the north west - we specialise in all things digital and pride ourselves in pixel perfect designs.

We would be able to re-touch your photography to a very high end scale and can also arrange to print on several platforms. We have strong ties with a very reputable printing agency in the north west and can even get great rates on anything as small business card prints all the way up to bus shelter and billboard printed material.

It would be great to give you a quote, please email [email protected] if you are interested, or check out our website Funkemedia Creative Design Manchester - Web & Multimedia Design Agency in Manchester, UK

Many thanks,

Funkemedia Ltd
I"m also a photographer, among other things, and I also do the odd wedding. What kind of workflow are you looking for - basic colour correction and contrast sorted, with noise reduction, or something more complicated? I could handle this for you, but to quote, I'd need to know a little more.

PM me if you're interested.