Photoshop CS5 montage? How to do?


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I have to create the cover for a project which will be a montage of 200 portrait pics of people, I have all the shots in one folder but rather than bring them in one at a time is there a way of just creating a montage automatically?

How would you approach this?

There are loads of montage applications you can download which automate this kind of thing, some free. Just have put 'montage software' or similar into a search engine. This might make the process a lot easier. Bringing them into Photoshop can be time consuming and brain numbing. The cost of the montage software might actually be worth it as opposed to the hours and hours it would take you in Photoshop.

I've had to do these kind of things for pop up banners celebrating birthdays, etc., and royally hate it. :thumb: