Photoshop Brushes


Hey there guys

I'm away to start designing my portfolio in Photoshop and a mate will then be coding it up for me.

For my header i'm wanting to use this style of brush in the background (without the cloudy bit at the bottom) with my own design over the top:

Vector Line Brushes 2 by ~PhysicalMagic on deviantART

Since my portfolio would be classed as commercial, is there anywhere where I can buy/donate money for a brush for photoshop in this style.

There will be a links page on my site also, so I can link to the site I use. Just don't seem to be able to find a decent site for it.

Thanks in advance for any tips
Send an e-mail to the guy/girl on deviant art thats created it.

I've used a few elements from deviant art in the past, i've just asked the originator of the artwork for permission, and in some cases paid them a fee for using the artwork.

Just be sure that if they agree, they send you an e-mail stating the fact.
its very easy effect and you dont really need to purchase any brushes for that.

the glass effect is a simple bevel, overlay and satin. the small lines you see are called scan lines, there is a preset brush in photoshop cs2 and 3 which will give you that effect.

If you want, PM me your email address and il send you some tutorials as a PDF or go to Photoshop Tutorials, Flash Tutorials and More! P2L Tutorial Search and there are tons of tutorials for similar effects and some even better!