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Just used these guys to have my 18 month old son printed onto canvas: - Canvas printing, Photo printing and Poster printing at great prices

They seemed reasonably priced, fingers crossed that the final product is quality, i'll keep you posted.

Here he is :icon_biggrin:

Well I thought I would keep you all updated.

Still not received my canvas! Their website states 5-7 days for delivery and that they will be in touch should there be a problem, well it's 8 working days now and nothing in the post and no contact!

I wanted this for my partners birthday tomorrow so I phoned to see what was going on, obviously the person I spoke to had NO say in anything as every question I asked I had to be put on hold, in total I was on the phone for over 20 minutes at 6p a minute, I was even left in complete silence for 5 minutes, no lie, I thought they had hung up.

All they offered was delivery on Saturday before 1.00pm, I know this is fair but why should I wait in on my day off and my partner's birthday? When I asked for discount on the price paid for the call charges and the inconvenience caused I again was put on hold to be told NO!

As a gesture of goodwill they could have offered £2.00 to cover my call costs but no they chose not to, well I hope this post lets others know how bad your service is, would have been £2.00 well spent in my opinion!

What annoys me is that they lay out their terms and conditions but don't abide by them. Anyway, lets hope that when it finally turns up that it is quality, you may be the cheapest 1ClickCanvas but this is a perfect example of price isn't everything!

One of my motos is "quality and service is remembered long after price is forgotten", hence, I won't be using you again. :icon_mad:
Well my canvas print arrived today, so I thought! It is somebody elses order :icon_cursing:

Another 15 minutes on the phone! Managed to get a £10 discount after speaking to the manager but still don't have my canvas.

What a nightmare, will keep you posted.