Persuading the boss to upgrade hardware / software


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I'm currently working in a pre-press role with a rather elderly Dual 1.8GHz PowerPC G5 with 3GB DDR SDRAM (and a 19" CRT monitor) running OSX 10.4.11, using CS3 Design Premium and QuarkXpress 7.5.

The chap that owns the company isn't from a print background and needs some convincing to upgrade - I'm trying to convince him to replace the Mac with an iMac 27" and Creative Cloud membership (upgrading from CS3 should make it around £30 a month) and Pitstop Pro for preflighting.

Can you suggest any arguments to support upgrading? He's notoriously reluctant to spend money and keeps suggesting we get a 21" monitor for the existing Mac instead, and offers useful advice such as "Can't you delete a few things to speed it up?".

I'm currently having to rely on my own laptop (which has CS5, Pitstop 11 from my freelancing days) to help me to do my job properly, which seems a bit rich.
Two B2 5 colour and an SRA3 2 colour.

We do a lot of ganged runs though, often multiple sizes with Spot UVs that require manual impositions.
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More power in the processor would be good - though I don't doubt that the old Mac is perfectly capable... tough one - he may just not have the money to upgrade.
Change the screen at least (I may be able to sell you a 20 inch cinema display screen!!).
Amazingly he's agreed to the upgrade - we're just waiting to hear from Screen at the moment to check if there is a cost for migrating to the Intel Mac client for the Trueflow SE 7.10 workflow.