Personal rebrand logo critiquing (first post)


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Hi everyone,

I’m new to the design forum thing but I have been told it’s a great way to get feedback on my work so here it goes.

I have been working on rebranding my online/printed portfolio and attached is my personal logo I have been working on. The idea was to make a font out of my “KS” quick hand signature based on my favourite type Akzidenz-Grotesk. It has since developed from there and this is what I have. I did the classic designer thing where I worked on it until I was happy, then went away, came back to it and hated it, so I’m not sure if I’m just being overly critical of myself or if there is something wrong with it.

Please can anyone offer feedback or suggestions on how to improve or make changes to it if any are needed?

(I’m not really that sensitive but I have been known to burst into tears when anyone says anything bad about my work, only joking please be honest :icon_smile:)


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Hi Kyle (I assume that's your name :icon_biggrin:), welcome to the forum. I definitely prefer the left version as the straight edges give it a nice, solid appearance. My main issue though is that the S looks to me more like an ampersand or a 'g' – my brain tries to see it as Kg or K&. Removing the tail on the S might help the silhouette of the letterform a little and make it more legible

Also, I'd drop 'graphic designer' from the mark because a) it's too small to be legible, and b) not many people are really sure what a graphic designer is, so don't pigeon-hole yourself into any specific role, leave it out and adapt your role to whatever jobs come along.
Thanks for the feedback Paul,

(yes Kyle is my name lol) Yes the S looking like an ampersands is a comment that has been made before so I guess i cant deny that it looks that way. I completely agree with you on the "graphic designer" comment so I'll take that out.
I am thinking removing the tail will fix this, the only problem is that when i did this before it started to look like K8 :Cry: also when i tried uppercase KS it started looking like K96 :crazy:

I will keep working on it though, haven't given up on it.

thanks again for the comments
Thank you Priyesh. All 3 especially the pinterest one were a big help. Ill post my development in here soon. thanks