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Now before you check it out, please keep in mind, i am not in any way/shape or form a Graphic Designer, i create this stuff for myself out of boredom, i have no training, qualifications or job experience, and i am entirely self taught, so please be gentle with critique lol

This is a personal logo, for my music.. the Alias i use is 'KHARN' But i have started using it as a "watermark" on things i create for fun..

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As a digital logo I think it looks pretty good, might be difficult if you were to try and print it on a shirt as the "splat" effect is quite detailed but as a music brand logo I think it looks pretty cool.
Thanks very much for the reply, The splat itself was just an addition, the logo was the Back to front K within the circle.. The additional splat is just a variation of the logo :).. I havent printed it on anything yet, but i will be in the future, i think ill try the splat first because i personally prefer it to the plain logo within the circle..
Nice idea, quite a common theme, still a bit of work to do though.

1. Even digitally, this won't reproduce very clearly - too many fine lines going on, it's quite intricate and detailed.
2. Try simplifying the splat, less blobs.
3. I don't think the scratches on the reversed 'K' work, again, too fine.
4. Print the logo out at different sizes, and you'll see the detail get lost the smaller you go. It's even struggling in your avatar.

Keep it going, i don't think you're too far away from what you want.