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Could i get your feedback on a personal logo i am creating.

Trying to communicate a more personal touch to the logo with my signature involved.



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Logos need to be legible. This isn't very legible, as the "T" could be a looping "L" or is it a "T"?

The "h" could be a "t" with a loop and a "z" at the end.

At the moment it resembles some sort of needle work with a sowing pin.

You've got grunge detail at the edges of the circle, these won't reproduce well at lower sizes, or across various mediums:
Faxes, business card sizes, embroidered, smaller sizes, foil stamp, em- debossing, et al.

When going to smaller sizes, especially on a photopolymer plate, you are likely to lose detail where the emulsion will simply break apart or fill in because the gap is too thin, resulting in a poor production of your logo. Although printing machines are excellent these days, there are some printers who have not taken the leap into the 21st century with their printing equipment.

Where logos using your signatures are common

It's not very creative.

Although it's certainly not faux pas to do so.

I just think if you incorporate the basics of logo design you'll have a much better design.

12 Essential Rules to Follow When Designing a Logo | Webdesigner Depot

Most importantly - think finishing at the beginning.

That means - how will this logo be applied to the real world. How will face obstacles like embroidery, fax, email, business card, letterheads, and other formats that your logo will be seen on.

That needs to be considered before you start.
Thanks for the advice again Hankscorpio.

Tried to simplify the signature even more so it reads clearer and now got the logo with 'Singh Bansal' and 'Singh' and 'Graphic Designer' on it. I think using just my first name could work, having had a look at it on Business Stationary to begin with.

What do you think?


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I know this is an internet forum and spelling errors aren't really frowned upon - but it's a pet peeve of mine - "stationery"

Easy to remember as "e" is for envelope.

Now that's out of the way... back to our regularly scheduled critique...

I still think from a distance it can look like "needle work" - and "Singer" have a very popular model.

On this - I don't think your current signature works with "Singh" - as from a distance (or at small sizes) it could be very easily misinterpreted.

What's the purpose of the circle? Why filled? Why not outlined? What are you trying to communicate with your logo?

I'd drop the circle, keep the signature.

And I'd put

Singh Bansal
Graphic Designer

under the signature.
Well on the business card the circle was dropped out of it and looks cool when the signature isn't constricted.

I am trying to convey a more personal feel to my logo, as some of my clients i interact with on a more personal level rather then formally, if that makes sense.

Great job Tirah. I also think that logo-8jpg is the one for me.

I also think the direction you put into this hankscorpio was excellent I enjoyed reading through the process.

If the was one thing I would pick up on hankscorpio's initial concern of the T & H in that font getting a bit lost. But other than that Bravo!