People Per Hour


Is anyone on the above or similar site as a freelancer?

I have just seen a mailer for them and wondered if anyone has experience?

My initial thought is that the prices seem very low for the quick turnaround offered...

Have actually met some of our larger clients on there. A decent job with a fair rate is 1 in a 1000 mind you.
I signed up to PPH in my wide-eyed early days as an independent on the recommendation of some doofus or other but I've never followed anything up for exactly the reasons you describe; from what I could gather at the time, opportunities to provide the moon on a stick by tomorrow morning (Budget: £10-20) made up the better part of the norm. Things may have changed since then and it appears to be a popular community but the PPH business model creates a massively unequal relationship between procurement and supply in favour of the latter.

Okay for those after a bit of pin money perhaps but no way to build a business.
Absolutely, its not in any way a decent place to grow a business but i can provide for some interesting leads. In the last month we have secured 2 large rebrands ( in excess of 5k for both ) and a pretty solid repeat work customer. Spend probably 1 hour a week searching and finding decent contacts on there.