Penguin causes controversy with creepy ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ book cover

Don't like that at all, it's a bit spooky. It reminds me of an old Anthony Hopkins film where his dummy comes to life!
I think this is a new marketing ploy - make it controversial and it will more free coverage than you could imagine, which will translate into sales.

They don't even need to take out an advert on the book now - people will know it and share it through social media.

Job done.
Ah you beat me to it hank, just saw this pop up on my Google Plus feed. It seems to be causing a bit of a stir and I can see why!

I much prefer the original Roald Dahl style of artwork... charcover7.jpg
Admittedly the photography itself is really good all round, but i see no relevance to the story and that for me is one of the key selling points of a cover?