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Tony Hardy

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What does everybody think of having the option to download a PDF Portfolio from your website, or, on request, being able to distribute a PDF Portfolio to potential clients?

Is it a good idea? Or should all of your work have to be viewed on your site alone?

I've attached some samples of work on a PDF to an e-mail before, but I don't think I would choose to put work on the PDF that isn't already on the site.

If they're going to go on the site to get the PDF then they may as well look at online in the first place. Having the PDF could still be a good idea though as, if they like the portfolio, it could give them the option to save themselves a copy for quick reference without needing to get online etc.
Yeah, I think it's more for mailing people who post blanket requests for services like on this site etc.
I think I might stick it up for download as, like you said, it'd be handy for people referencing it etc.
Thats what I was thinking. I don't really know about dishing my CV out everywhere like as I'm not looking for employment at the minute, busy trying to set up on my own etc.
Maybe just details of your experience then? Or perhaps a break down of the design process for a couple of select portfolio pieces?

Or, if you're setting up on your own, I'd maybe use the PDF as a sort of information pack, as you've said you're planning to email it to people who request work. Consider what questions people are likely to have about you, and how you can answer them and imbue confidence in them? Perhaps it could be a condensed, printable version of whats on your website?
Yeah I think it's a fairly good idea to have a bit of process/idea thinking behind some of the pieces in there etc. A condensed version of my website is probably a good idea.

Helps to build the website as well like :)