pdf compression question


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Hello people - not too sure this is something I should ask here, but...

I have created numerous product catalogues and flyers over a period of time, and our European office now wants them in one file. Collectively, they are 55MB.

I've merged them into one file - 55MB - and numerous google findings outline printing to pdf and amending the quartz filter, but that just makes the first catalogue completely green. Really, I need to get this one document down to about 8 or 9MB tops.

Any thoughts or suggestions?
I presume you're using Preview? It's not the best for this.

Do you have Adobe Acrobat (not the free reader version)?
If so, then you can save as an optimized PDF. By reducing the image resolution and/or the image quality using the various settings, you can reduce the file size significantly.

Possibly have a look at the way you're creating the PDFs from the original files. The image reduction options are there in InDesign and Quark too.

If all this fails, then you can send a large file like this over the internet for free. www.yousendit.com, www.sendbigfiles.com are just a couple. Just search for something like 'send large files over the internet'.

Hope this helps :thumb:
What does your European Office want to do with the 1 file? Just keep it on record, without having to store a load of them? Or sent it to other people? If its just for record purposes, you could set up a Dropbox account between yourself and your European office, and put this 1 large 55mb document in there for them to access. You get 2MB of space for free.