Payment gateway advice


Howdy guys, I'm trying to find the most user friendly solution to this problem and if you have two seconds I'd really appreciate your thoughts?

I want users to have to pay to see a certain page of my site, for example a section of the site that has a video tutorial but they have to pay to see it.

The user experience I want (assuming they havn't used the page yet) is:

1. User visits page
2. User sees brief intro content but is informed they must to pay to continue
3. Option to pay via paypal will be on the same page
4. Simple payment made
5. Redirect to secure page.

The kick is they can only view the page once! As I'm comfortable with Joomla I've been looking at payment gateways for the CMS but from my experience payment gateways through the CMS seems very clunky?

If you have any ideas you don't mind sharing on how to make this as simple user experience as possible it would really help.

You could do this in a variety of ways, the easiest would be download a form component with a paypal field then on the confirmation screen create a button with a link to the page.