Pasha - Logo Design Critique

Tony Hardy

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Hi everyone,

What I want to know with this is; What sort of brand/company do you envisage this logo to be a part of?

It's a first draft of a concept, but that's about all I want to say until I get some responses as to what sort of industry/sector you'd think this would fit in.




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I have no idea what happened with the original image. I'll put it up again.

@spotty I'd never considered the angle of the H, but I think I agree with you on that swoosh.


I'm thinking sexy ladies underwear - that sort of thing. I don't know what the logo would be for though...
yeah, the angle of the ascender of the 'h' needs a slight touch toward the left. Apart from that its a fairly decent logo. I think it might sit nicer in a circle.

In terms of use, definitely clothing :)
I think a circle or some other shape/element will be coming into play. Just need to iron that out first.

In terms of what sort of business though, it's for a "mobile restaurant" aka, a burger van that sells high quality restaurant food. Ranging from Indians to Italians to Spanish and Greek. Basically, it needs to look like a "mediterranean blend".
Hi Tony, it looks great, I agree it does look food or bar related, I could see it on one of those flashy bars down the West End.

How did you create this? Did you start out with a certain typeface and adjust it? Did you draw this?

Very nice work!