Hi, not really design related, more stationary so I don't know how interested people would be, but I have 5 Blue Parker refills (Medium) and 5 Black Sheaffer refills (Slim).

Then I also have for packs of post its which contain two pads. One is magnetic and is 73mm X 174mm, then it comes with a bonus pad which is 73mm X 73mm. Also has a pen holder, good for kitchen or notice board etc.

Parker Refills: £1.20 each or all 5 for £4.99

Sheaffer Refills: £2.50 each or all 5 for £10.50

Post it Packs: 1-5: £2.50 each, 6-10: £2.30 each, 10+ £1.90 each

Pictures below.