Paper/Stock Samples


I've had several clients ask me about printing onto certain stocks in the past
so I thought it would obviously be handy if I had some sample books that
I could show them.

I emailed several paper companies including GF Smith and Arjowiggins
asking if I could have (or purchase) a samples book but none
of them even bothered to respond!
So does anyone have any suggestions of how I can obtain some?

Now assuming I manage to get hold of some samples, how do I go about
getting the clients order printed on the chosen stock?
Most printers websites do not give me any option of specifying what stock to use.
GF Smith stock can very expensive, and they are reluctant to give swatches out to all and sundry. I don't have a problem getting them, but even I won't give them out to all and sundry, because when I need one I want them to supply one. Have you tried asking for an A4 sheet or two of a specific stock.

With regard to printing onto said stock, and printer worth their salts will do a wet proof for you but it will cost. Some of the GF Smith stocks are available with sample images and finishes printed on them. I can't say much about AW since I haven't dealt with them for a number of years.

With regarding to a website not having an option to choose stock I can only think you're referring to one of the slew of printers out there that run multiple jobs at the same time (, and they won't give you the option since they need you to run on a limited range of stock to make money. In context you aren't paying full setup costs.

A traditional printer though will do whatever you pay them to but it will cost more than you are used to.
We have accounts with most of the main merchants - Antalis / Robert Horne / Howard Smith / Paper Co and others.

If you let me know the exact samples you need - happy to help.

We're also in Bristol if you want to pick them up?

Ok thanks pete,

Trouble is that I don't have any idea about what "exact samples" I'm after.
All I want is a few basic samples which are often used for business cards/stationary
sets, so we can show our clients and let them see a few options that are available.
Good show Minuteman...

You're better off contacting a local printer, who you may possibly pass work on to in the future, and ask them to supply you with printed examples on different stocks/weights and then refer to these with your client.
Your printer helps you and you in turn send a little business their way.

Pre-printed examples are much easier to 'play with' than a swatch full of varying weights of blank white paper!

(I've had GF Smith/Robert Horne arrive outside my house in a 20ft articulated lorry to deliver some polypropylene samples! But then I have worked for/with a few household names.)
Just thought I'd say a big thanks to Pete for giving me a crash
course in paper samples and for also giving me one of his sample books.
It was extremely helpful and the samples will come in very handy. :icon_thumbup:
Absolute pleasure. Anytime we can help. Great to meet you also.

I'm slow on the forum at the minute, I usually write in the evenings at home - but my home PC has exploded!

Best wishes