Pantone Plus Color bridge: Coated + Uncoated


I am planning on doing some more freelancing in between my full-time job so I can have some more creative reign with personal clients, however in order to do so I think it will be pretty much compulsory that I invest in a pantone colour bridge fan pad to assist me when I output to printers and feel confident that they will look as they should.....

So.....going to my question: Is it worth getting both coated and uncoated colour bridge pads, just coated? And where would be the best option to get one from. I have looked on Amazon, Ebay, and The Graphic Design shop website in London.

Advice is lovvellyyyyyyyyyyy!
Ah yes, I did think someone would say to go to there - just a shame it is not that easy for me to get to, so I suppose I will have to stick to online solutions, although their site should be good enough. Thank you!

What about how I would go about choosing what is best for me? I realise each book serves its purpose but where is a good place to start? I use a coated color bridge at work frequently, but never have needed to reference an uncoated colour (not that we have that one at all...but you know!)
I'd spend the money investing in a decent monitor calibrator, so that you have accurate pantones displayed in the first place. Unless you're spending out on a viewing booth, pantone swatch books are at best a guide.
Sounds like a fair point made there, I shall have to invest in one of them soon too. Thank you for the advice!