Paid Design Job


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Hi all,

Fairly new to the forum, I am a gig promoter and am looking for designs for posters/flyers. I have a few ideas in mind in terms of images (phycadellic, soviet russia, blaxploitation with ann element of street 'urban' art) I would simply have to encorporate the names of the artists on the bill, venue, price and time.

I have example images and of course whoever wants to be part of the project will be paid, this is an avenue for regular work as I would need different posters for different weeks the nights are on. The name of the gig nights are called 'Eclectic Electrix' and the aim is to get different genres of music on the bill everytime the event is on and get the crowd dancing :icon_cheers:

Please if you are intrested or know anyone that could be intrested in being part of the team, thats everyone! (uni students, freelance, people who design as a hobby etc) please let me know and drop me portfolio's of work.

If you need anything in terms of example images further details, then hit me up on my email or PM.