Page numbers in Indesign cs3


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I’ve been racking my brain and looking everywhere to find out how to do this!

I'm having real trouble sorting out auto page numbers in indesign cs3, I can place a page number that will start from page one, but in my doc of about 50 or so pages it starts with a cover and a contents page so I want the page number ‘01’ to start on the actual page 5. I’m sure this must be possible but can't for the life of me find out how.

If any of you have any ideas I would be very grateful!


Hi Tom
I had the same problem and I posted in the same forum! Link below and the answer that I was also given:

"Make sure that your master page numbering isn't applied to any pages that will be before 'page 1'. Right, in pages select your spread that you wish to be page 1 to start. In the pages palette menu, make sure 'doc page shuffle and spread shuffle are unchecked. Hopefully, brackets will appear around the page numbers in pages. This means no movement. Then do your numbering and sections start at page one. Should work. If not, post and I'll retrace steps see if I missed any instructions"