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Hi All,

I have just completed a very basic web design course, and have learned both html and css. I am now looking to further my knowledge in web design, and have created some web designs, which i have tested on multiple browsers. The problem i have is when i view it in Opera with the windows tab column selected on the left of the screen, my web page is compressed and screen content looks squashed in places, whilst things like text and pictures can be moved about. I have adjusted widths using percentages, which reduces the impact of this, but i would like to know how to design it, so that the page automatically creates a horizontal scrollbar, which prevents distortion. Most sites seem to have this feature as Opera doesn't affect them, as it does mine.

I hope someone can help.


As above, we really need to see the page to help :eek:)

Is something like min-width appropriate (which should form a horizontal scroll if the window is too narrow)?