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Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I am doing wrong please?

I am trying to layout a document for printing that measures 110 mm X 85 mm.

I have set up a new page which measure 116 mm X 91 mm which allows for a 3 mm Bleed. I use guides to ensure everything is in the right place. I zoom right in to ensure the guides are accurately placed. I use MM in measurement & units preferences.

Yet when I print out to a Epson R2400. It is never accurate!:icon_cursing: Usually the content does not go right up to the bleed. And yet when I go back in and check, on the screen the content of the document is totally in line with all guides etc.

Driving me potty!

Many thanks


First off youre trying to do page layout in photoshop, thats not what its there for! You should be using InDesign! It will allow you to place images and text with pinpoint accuracy!
Thanks Big Dave, I understand that, unfortunately I don't have InDesign as yet (although it is planned), meanwhile any suggestions for PS?


Import it from Photoshop into anything else. Word, Pages, whatever. Anything that gives you proper control over page size and bleed etc.
Thanks chaps for the suggestions.

I went through the whole process again and again, right from setting out the canvass size. Guess what, it worked. Don't know why but it did. The next time I tried it with the reverse of the document (same size etc it failed)!

Eventually after another 3 attempts it worked. So I guess bottom must have been me!

Once again thank you for taking the time to respond, most generous.


Adobe Illustrator Also

Do you have Adobe Illustrator? This works just as well for print layouts like that, I use mine for print layouts all the time. It's a business card I presume.

Adobe Illustrator Also

Hi Amanda

Thanks for the suggestion, unfortunately don't have that either. However, two things;
1) after starting the layout for another 3 or 4 times I finally got it to work. So i can only guess it was me after all, Idiot in = Idiot out?

and 2) I finally gave in and ordered DS Design Suite 5 today, hopefully have it by Friday, can't wait.

BTW checked out your site, you have some very serious work there, I hope you are very busy, you certainly ought to be with the quality you are turning out.

Once again many thanks

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