Packaging Mock Up Card / Board / Stock


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I'm more web than a print worker, so i'm looking for some help with the terminology and sourcing card / paper stock.
I'm looking to make a packaging mock up and was after some proper weighted card for doing so.
Ive been to the local art shop, but the have more of an arts & craft supplies, than proper print finish.
Does anyone know of any resources online where you can buy small quantities of high quality card for using in small projects?

Before walking into the local and looking stupid. Will print shops sell stock or is it just when a print job is undertaken.

Any help would be grateful.

You need to buy 'folding box board'. No small printer (or will have that for you to buy. I would google local printers and see if anyone does packaging print. You could use Trucard - which is a similar card. But phone around your local (bigish) printers.