Hi guys,

Not sure if this is the right forum but...

What I'm after is a simple (but custom) packaging printed, with foils.

I have found companies that print packaging, but I'm only after a very very small sample quantity. Perhaps 5 or so.

Does anyone have any links to companies that could do this that is also relatively cheap?

Thanks guys
Right, Seems as no one's commented I though I'd offer a few pearls of wisdom.... Short run hot foiling isnt cheap due to the processes envolved. A custom aluminium printing plate has to be created which can cost £50+ alone. Then theres the setup time envolved which (depending on the complexity of the job) can run into hours. On top of this, its just not cost effective to set up a run of less that a few thousand on a small electric press so the job would have to be done on a manual press which again is more expensive.

Basicly, If you can find a company with a Polydiam or similar who will do a small run then great BUT its not a cost effective way of printing!
Might be easier and better for you to run a set of 10 off on a good laser printer at a copy shop and create the mock-ups yourself with tin foil.

I'm guessing this is an educational project of some kind or a pitch rather than a commercial run.

Yup, it was both for my education project and a freelance job.

I had already got the job so it meant that I could spend all my time on the freelance project. I had permission from the client to use their brief though, and it works as great advertising for him when there will be a lot of people checking out the end of year exhibition. I did know the client indirectly so I think that helped.

The college usually wants us to go overboard and wacky but I stuck to my guns on this one.

I want to be seen as a professional and commercial graphic designer and the fact that I was also representing a company meant that I couldn't over-do it.

In the end, I used my inkjet printer on photopaper - backed onto cereal box cardboard to create mock-ups of promotional items such as luxury packaging, the standard packaging, freebie samples etc.
They turned out really well - and I learnt how to be very accurate with a scalpel :)
When there's a will there's a way :)