Oxfam unveils CROWDSOURCED video with Coldplay


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It's no wonder businesses all over the country don't see the problems associated with crowdsourcing when organisations like Oxfam are using and positively supporting it.

They have recently unveiled a crowdsourced video created with Coldplay, which aims to raise awareness of land grabs. Thousands worldwide took part in the creation of the video, moving something personal or familiar from their home to somewhere it doesn’t belong.

They describe crowdsourcing as "a really exciting way to give creative power to the public". Sure. But just as a bonus, we don't have to pay them for anything either. Win win.

Look, I realise they're a charity, doing it for a good cause, but it only leads other people on into thinking there's no problem with it in other areas of the industry.

Rant over. :tea:

Full article can be found here.

I think this is a grey area, and is possibly an example of when crowdsourcing is acceptable, as it's genuinely for a good cause, rather than for a company to get work done on the cheap. It's only the people using crowdsourcing as a form of exploitation that have really given it negative connotations.

I can't watch the video with sound though because it's Coldplay, and I have a pen on my desk, and I may be tempted to force it into my ears to end the pain.
No problem with charities like Oxfam using it, but positively highlighting it is what annoys me. You can guarantee that any business thinking of looking for some sort of design work in the future, would see this and go down this route instead.
I despise crowdsourcing as much as the next designer but we just have to accept it's here and won't be going anywhere soon. I have no problem with charities using it at all though. Unfortunately crowdsourcing is seen as very much a positive for most people.