Overused Typefaces


Ok, you're gonna have to forget that Comic Sans exists for a second here, and no websafe fonts either...

What typefaces make you bite your cheeks with frustration each time you see them? What makes you think "You did not just use that font for that application, you complete noob".

For me, it's Papyrus. If I have to stare at the back of one more Painter and Decorators van, one more oriental take away menu or another fascia for a sunbed shop that uses this horrible, horrible typeface; I might just break down into tears and consider a career change. :icon_Wall:
Good call. I've always preferred Minion Pro to Times New Roman.

Bradley Hand ITC is another one of those fonts that I see far too often.

I totally blame Neighbors for brush script. Designers seem to associate it with travel agents.

But none of them match the sheer horror that is Curlz MT.

Edit: added a couple of things to this post since you guys managed to reply as I was writing my reply to Xenonsoft
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lol, I was going to say that.

Okey doke, how's about Arial, Bradley Hand ITC and one I see a lot of as a printer, usually on Nail Salon and Hairdressers marketing material Curlz MT.
Interesting. I still love Arial, one of my favourite fonts. Fantastic for letters etc, just a general use typeface, and still fab after all it's use.
Yeah true, I don't think I read this thread topic correctly as it isn't one that makes me "bite my cheeks with frustration each time I see it" but it must be one of the all time most used fonts along with Times New Roman...and I suspect they both will be for a VERY long time.
Fruitiger, Century Gothic and Gill Sans off the top of my head. Not saying I don't like them they're just drained of originality. And if I ever saw a logo or sign in 'Impact or Brush Script' I think I'd attack it
Just thought of Futura. Simply because I know of at least two people who've used it because they think the name makes it sound futuristic (yeah I know, 1927).

I'm almost ashamed to say that I didn't even notice the logo was Impact, works fine for me :icon_biggrin:
A court marshal should be issued to the creator of Stencil.:icon_tongue_smilie:

And I see Century Gothic everywhere, but it is a nice font which I abuse a lot to be fair.