Outside Opinions sought


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I'd like your opinions on the attached logo ideas.

None is chosen yet and I have my own personal favourite.

But I'd like to open this up to discussion.

All comments welcome - as long as they're (good) constructive.





obviously they all can be altered to suit a final colour scheme

The "button" type theme is ubiquitous but effective, especially when this is primarily a web offering.


so far
The last one, but it needs simplifying. You could the man's head and little hands, but either way I'd enlarge the graphic in the circle. Then lose the outer rectangle and sort out the massive leading on the type.
I could ? what? the mans head and little hands???

Drop, Enlarge.

I realise I could probably improve the colour contrast in the buttons, but too much contrast overeggs the button effect.

Useful pointers so far!!
That is much better! can't help but feel that there isn't enough IN the circle now though :( Kinda liked the little guy...
Apart from the second one down, they're all just collections of bits in a web-button style.
No.2 has the makings of an actual logo.
Best tip is always design in 2 colours and keep it flat. Once the logo has been worked on and signed off, then it can be embellished with these very common place 'button' effects.

But observation received all the same. I had recognised the buttons were common place, so you're saying maybe they are part of the site theme rather than the Identity?

Further dev for Logopro who was missing the little guy!

I prefer the second one. More of a logo and more original in my opinion. The others, like others have said are buttons which may well be added in the future as they look good too.

On the second, I'd move the crest to the right of the text and possibly the UK and Ireland part underneath the text. Have a play around and see what works.

Good luck :icon_thumbup:
I liked the 2nd one (of the 1st lot) best. More of a logo. Should always start with designing in mono first then go to colour. Agree with Curtis - play around with the logo.
These last ones seem less original.
The CMYK thing is done to death with anything to do with printing. I would avoid that if you would like some originality. The latest designs are looking simpler, and the simplest designs usually work best
Vote number 2 on the logo design

The second logo design is great.

It is a really nice cleaver solution. The other three do look like a cheap web button.

But the second one with its bird wings that double as pages, soft elegent type face that should appeal to educated book buying types, even the 'K' reflects the bird/ book wings. A nice solutions