Our new marketing video


Hi guys,

We've just launched our brand new marketing video which will be the first part of a long line of changes.

Looking forward to all your feedback :)

It's technically decent, competently put together and the message is clear enough but I worry that it feels a bit dated, a bit low-end and a bit generic, if I'm brutally honest. Depends who you're aiming at, of course (and you know them better than I do) but, specifically - to my mind at any rate - the soundtrack kind of has that local commercial radio at 4am feel to it and the the 'eureka', 'put the kettle on' and 'nothing we like more' lines come across like a shoehorned effort to engage on a folksy level that sounds out of place within the overall context; also, the infographic element is a bit 'easy', having that off-the-peg, looking-at-local-advertising-on-the-screens-while-waiting-in-line-at-the-post-office feel to it. I guess there's a reason why that kind of presentation exists and it must work on some level but - and clearly this is me speaking as someone with their own ideas about design/presentation - it doesn't grab me, I'm afraid.
I couldn't disagree more with Dave's comments. I think it is well presented, professional and the message is clear, concise and will appeal to smaller businesses who want good design without an in-house designer. The idea that it is "looking-at-local-advertising-on-the-screens-while-waiting-in-line-at-the-post-office" standard is way off the mark. Come and look at the total garbage on the screen at Portishead Post Office and you'll see what I mean :icon_wink: